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testimonial author
18 months ago I dislocated my knee so badly, I was told if I didn't start strengthening the surrounding muscles and ligaments I would need an operation, ultimately ending the career I want to pursue in the forces.

I started training with Will at Bootcamp 12 months ago, and have now been discharged on the grounds that I've strengthened my quads, ligaments and surrounding knee muscles enough, to not warrant surgery. Bootcamp sessions are always packed full of cardio, strength training and a lot of stretching.

No session is the same as the last, so never gets repetitive or boring. Will is the perfect trainer, very encouraging and knows each of his clients strengths and weaknesses. I would recommend Will to anyone.
Absolute 5* PT

Luka Hendra
testimonial author
After applying for the Royal Navy in early 2015 I started training with Will in July. My goal was to build up my fitness in time for the tests and training the RN require all recruits to to pass. I started going to the Bootcamp sessions as guy who could barely string 10 press-ups together and run the length of a football pitch (so he had is work cut out).

Will provides professional training that is not only effective but is fun and makes you want to keep going back. He adapts session to account for all abilities so everyone feels comfortable in the training.

Will is a committed personal trainer who is continuously looking to further himself with his own training and knowledge to benefit his clientele. I have been able to reach/ surpass the required fitness standards thanks to his training, I start my Naval career in April 2016 and wouldn't be anywhere near the standard I am without his guidance.

Tom Goldsmith
testimonial author
I started Will's bootcamp back in September 2015 when the cost of my previous gym increased to something unrealistic for me. I find his sessions, motivating, fun and rewarding. I enjoy to keep fit but find motivation difficult when training by myself.

My work times vary, therefore I cannot make every session, with a variety of training sessions available and flexibility I am able to train when I can. The best thing for me is often after missing a few sessions it is daunting to return however this is not the case.

Wills knowledge is clear, the way he instructs and models correct form ensures no injuries. He also is willing to support and advise for any nutritional help wanted. I can highly recommend his encouraging training techniques and methods!

Carolyn Richards